I have a lot of people ask me What is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning and how does it work. People are just looking for honest reliable advice. Not sales talk or Air conditioning Perth companies trying to sell the brand they make the most money on. Through this article I will go through and describe what is reverse cycle air conditioning. I will also go through the types and applications.

Panasonic What is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning




What is Reverse cycle Air conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning is a system that can heat or cool your home. Because there are many different types of reverse cycle air conditioning systems. First of all each type will suite a different application and will have a different budget. For air conditioning Perth homes 5 main types of split systems.

  • Split system air conditioner or also know as a wall split.
  • Multi head split system air conditioning
  • Under ceiling split system air conditioning
  • Ceiling cassette split system.
  • Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

Types of reverse cycle air conditioning split systems Domestic

panasonic wall split perthPanasonic Split System Air Conditioner: A Wall split or split system is the system every one would know. The split system has one wall mounted indoor head unit and an outdoor condenser unit. Wall split systems are good for heating or cooling one room. Wall split systems are sold nearly every were. As an example retailers like good guys, harvey norman, and retravision and now even hardware stores and super markets like Aldi. My problem with these outlets is they have no experience in air conditioning. Therefore you are not getting solid advice to go with your purchase. Personally I would rather buy from a specialised air conditioning company. That can answer the question what is reverse cycle air conditioning.

panasonic multi perth 1Panasonic Multi head split system air conditioning :  As the name suggests it is similar to a wall split unit. But instead of having one indoor unit which is for air conditioning one room. The multi head split system can have many different heads and different types of head units. Therefore you can air condition many rooms at once depending on the type and size of system. The Panasonic multi head system is used for the likes of apartment builds and were space is limited. Because the system only has one outdoor unit.

Types of reverse cycle air conditioning split systems Commercial

Panasonic under ceiling split systemPanasonic Under ceiling split system air conditioning : The under-ceiling unit has a particular application. because a wall split system only goes up to 8.kW in capacity. Were as an under ceiling unit goes right up to a 14kW capacity in size. The Panasonic Under ceiling split system is mounted at ceiling level and comes in a size range from 6.0kw right up to 14 kW. the 10-14kw Panasonic inverter comes in both single phase and 3 phase.

Panasonic Perth ceiling cassettePanasonic Ceiling cassette split system : The ceiling cassette is mounted in the ceiling and distributes the air in 4 different directions. A Panasonic ceiling cassette is installed when ceiling is limited ceiling space for air conditioning a large area. A Panasonic ceiling cassette is a great fit when you dont have enough ceiling space for a Panasonic ducted air conditioning system. Because the Panasonic ceiling cassettes are also a great fit for shops, restaurants and commercial buildings.

Panasonic Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Panasonic ducted air conditioning PerthThe Panasonic premium product is the Panasonic ducted reverse air conditioning system. The size range of the Panasonic ducted air conditioning system start off at 6 kW. This size of ducted air conditioning system is suitable for a small unit.The size range goes right up to a massive 22.4 kW. The 22.4 kW ducted air conditioning system will air conditioning the largest family home.

The design of your Panasonic ducted air conditioning is very a important part of your ducted air conditioning system. For that reason when choosing an air conditioning Perth company. Ensure you do a google search and make sure they have a good online reputation. This will ensure they know their job and offer a good service.This time of the year is a great time to install ducted air conditioning. Because at present we have some fantastic Air conditioning Perth specials. As an example at present the price for a 7.1kw Panasonic ducted air conditioning system would start off at $7000.00 fully installed. Therefore Act now because this price will only be available till the end of august 2018 or until stock is sold out. If you would like to do the ducted air conditioning installation  yourself. Panasonic ducted air conditioning deals Perth are available at very competitive prices.

I hope this runs through what is reverse cycle air conditioning and the different types of air conditioning systems. So therefore the next stage in the process after understanding what is Reverse cycle air conditioning is making the right decisions when selecting your reverse cycle air conditioning system.

5 Actions to take when considering Reverse cycle air conditioning

  1. Decide on the area of your home that you want to air condition.
  2. Set a budget and time of year for installation.
  3. Do your research on the brand preference if you have one.
  4. Decide on split system or ducted air conditioning
  5. Will your system be diy or fully installed.

Therefore If you would like an obligation free quote email me a copy of your house plan. Or call me and I will give an obligation free quote.