Panasonic Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning for the second year in a row been given a 5 star rating for overall satisfaction. It also rated five stars for reliability, functionality, ease of use, noise levels and value for money. The customer reviews were outstanding and rightly so. The Panasonic reverse cycle air conditioning brand is one of better looking air conditioning brands out there. So were do I buy it you might ask I would buy through a Panasonic specialist dealer.

Panasonic Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Specialist dealer

In Perth Western Australia one option is you can buy your Panasonic reverse cycle air conditioning systems through a specialist dealer network member. This is all they do is sell and install air conditioning systems. Therefore here are  5 reasons I would buy from a specialist dealer.

  1. An air conditioning specialist that can recommend the best type of system to suit the application.
  2. They can offer a complete supply and install price with no hidden extras.
  3. You have put a face to a name so if something goes wrong you are not just another number but a valued client.
  4. Specialists dealers can offer more than wall splits like ducted air conditioning systems or ceiling cassettes.
  5. Specialist dealers can offer service to ensure your system works correctly.

Panasonic Reverse cycle air conditioning Wall Split systems

Panasonic reverse cycle air conditioning perthPanasonic has many different types of reverse cycle air conditioning systems. Below I will go through the the most common types with a simple explanation. The Panasonic wall split is the cheapest form in the Panasonic reverse cycle air conditioning range . This system is very efficient at heating or cooling on area. Prices for this type of system would start at around the $1300.00 mark. Panasonic wall splits range from 2.5 kw that will cool a small bedroom right up to 8kw which will cool a large lounge room. There are Several important things to consider when installing a wall split like  location of the indoor head unit. Is there enough wall space remember it will also have a pipe connected to it. This pipe must be able to go outside to deal with the water that will exit the unit.

Panasonic Reverse cycle air conditioning – Ducted Air conditioning

Panasonic ducted air conditioning is fast becoming a very popular choice. The cost of a Panasonic reverse cycle air conditioning ducted air conditioning would start from around the $6000.00 mark fully installed. The Panasonic ducted range have systems ranging from 6kw  for a very small unit right up to 22kw for a large family home with many sizes in between. A Panasonic ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is mostly out of sight.

Which Panasonic Reverse cycle air conditioning – Should I choose?

There are lots of different factors that affect your decision  after speaking with many customers by far the most stand out factor is budget. below are other things you would need to consider.

  • Budget this is by far the area most people focus on and in some cases they do it to there detriment.
  • Size of area to be air conditioned
  • performance of the different types and are they suited to the application.
  • if considering multiply wall splits would a ducted air conditioning system be a better option.
  • Time of year you buy (cooler months generally cheaper price)

When a customer comes in to see me for an air conditioning system above are the areas I touch on. In the end up budget may rule out some systems for you. I would also suggest to have a long term view when eliminating types.

I hope this article was of help if you would like to discuss your Panasonic Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning system to suit your specific application give me a call on 0430 214 451