A Panasonic ducted air conditioning Perth is a fantastic way to cool your home. For the second year in a row Panasonic air conditioners have made a clean sweep of the Canstar awards. Having a 5 star rating in 6 different areas of the judging criteria. This is one of the reasons I happily supply and install their products.The 7 areas of judging were.

Canstar awards judging criteria –  5 Star RatingPanasonic ducted air conditioning Perth canstar

  1. Overall satisfaction : I have been dealing with the Panasonic product no for over 10 years. I can understand why they took out this section. Because when you install a Panasonic air conditioner the system works year after. This then  and creates an overall pleasant experience for the customer.
  2. Reliability : Panasonic system offer a 5 year warranty with there systems. When the system is installed correctly and sized correctly. Panasonic air conditioners would be one of the most reliable brands on the market in my opinion.
  3. Ease of use : The Panasonic is very easy to use in all models and ranges for a simply turn on and off. Any Panasonic air conditioner  will cycle on and off when the desired temperature is reached.
  4. Quietness : Like most quality brands Panasonic has achieved the quietness tag. This area is a must for a quality machine. With the blocks of land getting smaller and the houses are getting closer. This is a very important 5 star rating.
  5. Value for money : This category hits home for me because when selecting any Air conditioning system I believe it is a must. Wether it be a Panasonic Wall split or a Panasonic ducted air conditioning system.
  6. Functionality : Panasonic has many different models in there range that will suit almost every application. When selecting the right model to suit your application I  would high recommend going through a specialist Panasonic dealer to ensure you get the right advice.
  7. After Sales Service : This is the category that they dropped a star. and in fairness they are not in full control of the outcome. The company that sells you the system has to take some responsibility.

In Addition awards like the Canstar blue do not come easy to earn excellent results year after year. So I hope the top of this article gives you an in sight into the brands quality and reliability.

 Panasonic ducted air conditioning Perth range

Panasonic have an air conditioning system to suit nearly every application. The Panasonic ducted air conditioning Perth range has machines starting of at as small as 6 kW that would heat or coll a small granny flat with a couple of be rooms. Pricing for this size system would typically start around the $6500 price point fully installed. If you have a medium size home a Panasonic ducted air conditioning system would cost around the $8000.00 mark fully installed. When you have a very large home Panasonic has a ducted air conditioning system that goes up to a  massive 22.4 kw which will heat and cool even the largest homes. The Panasonic ducted air conditioning Perth range also has a good balance of 3 phase models to help with the ever demanding power consumption of new homes.

Panasonic ducted air conditioning Perth – Free quote

If you would like any more information or would like an obligation free quote to discuss your air conditioning needs. Please feel free to send me an email of your house plans, make sure you include a phone number so I can call you if I have any questions. Or give me a call on 0430 214 451 and I will call out to your and have a chat. On final point no matter which system you choose choose a quality installer.