Ducted Air Conditioning – An effective way to heat and cool your home

Ducted Air ConditioningDucted Air Conditioning Reverse Cycle is one of the most efficient forms of heating your home. It was because of the introduction of the inverter air conditioner many years ago. The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system has now become a very popular way of heating and cooling your home. The air conditioning unit consists of two main parts. The indoor fan coil unit is concealed within your roof space. The indoor fan coil unit  has a sheet metal plenum connected that connects to all your insulated flexible ducting that distributes the warm or cold air throughout your home.

In the roof space there are many different types of air conditioning components that make up yourDucted Air Conditioning motorised-dampers-150x150 ducted air conditioning system. For example a motorised damper, a motorised damper is used to control which part of your home is air conditioned. Y pieces help to change the direction and sizes of your flexible ducting. Using a good quality metal motorised damper is what i would recommend.

insulated-flexible-ducting-150x150Another very important part of your ducted air conditioning system is a good quality flexible ducting. Using a good quality flexible ducting and a well designed flexible ducting layout will make a big difference in the performance of air conditioning system. It is also very important to make sure you are using a minimum of R1.0 in a quality insulated flexible ducting on your ducted air conditioning because this will make the system the most efficient.

Ducted air conditioning vents

Ducted air conditioning vents are another  very important part of your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system. Customers can choose from several different types. Depending on your budget you have a choice from the plastic air conditioning vents. Plastic air conditioning vents are standard on 95% of Perth homes. Because of their versatility they have the ability to change the direction of the air coming from the vent. Depending on the type of air conditioning system you choose you also have the ability to close the vent off.

air conditioning vent-150x150