Air conditioning Vents

air conditioning vents

Air conditioning vents are a very important part of any ducted air conditioning system. There are many different types of air con vents on the market. Air conditioning vents have many different names. Such as ceiling vents, Air diffusion, air conditioning grilles just to name a few. Ceiling vents have many different types. The most popular would be a plastic 4-way blow vent. This vent is ideal for the standard domestic Perth home. Because you can change the direction which way the air blows. A plastic air vent can also be closed off if the room is not in use. Square 4 way blow diffusers can be used in Ducted evaporative air conditioning systems. A smaller 4 way blow differ is used in ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems.

Circular air conditioning vent.

Circular ceiling vents are a perfect choice if you want a more aesthetically pleasing vent which is found in older homes. They come in both metal and plastic. Plastic circular diffusers degrade over time with UV light deteriorating in quality and colour. The spring clip holding the ceiling vent in place can also weaken if disturbed.

Metal air conditioning vent

Metal-air conditioning vents are used mostly in commercial ducted air conditioning applications. Such as shopping centres, fast food outlets and hospitals. They are also designed to fit straight into a T bar ceiling. Therefore designed for easy installation. Also made from an aluminium extrusion. With a white powder coated finish.

Linear slot diffuser

A linear slot diffuser is an aluminium vent used in ducted air conditioning system. A lot of new Perth homes builders use dropped ceilings or bulkheads in their designer builds. The linear slot diffuser fits nicely into restricted spaces.


Linear Bar Grille

A linear bar grille has a similar application to the linear slot diffuser