Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Perth

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems are the most effective and efficient way to heat and your home. To have a quality air conditioning system installed in your home. You need to consider the following items when choosing a Perth air conditioning company to purchase your reverse cycle air conditioning system from.

  • What areas of my home do I want to heat or cool (this could change the type of system you require)
  • Do I have a budget? (A wall split is said up to $4000.00 dollars in cost for a large family room. A ducted reverse cycle system, however, would cost double that price depending on the size of system and number of zones.
  • The company you are considering buying your system from how long have they been in business. (Do a google search and check out their online reputation.)
  • Do they offer a choice of brands? As each brand has its own unique feature and price range which would suit some applications better than other brands. (be aware of companies offering only one brand. No brand is that good that it will suit every application and budget)
  • Were are there components made and what materials are they made out of. In Perth, in recent years there is a lot of overseas materials that are being imported which are of lesser quality than locally made products. An example would be flexible ducting look for a supplier that manufacture local products. The reason for this is the high Australian standards they have to conform too. Gmtair manufacture a high quality locally made product in Perth.
reverse cycle air conditioning

Summary of what to look for

The above points are just some of the areas to pay greater attention to. The price is important but in my opinion, the service and quality of components and brand of system you purchase are all as important as each other. unfortunately, many consumers overlook those areas and focus on price. They also get confused by the salesman as they never talk about where products are made. They also fail to properly recommend the brand of the unit that would best suit the application as they make more money on a different brand.

Running costs of reverse cycle air conditioning

Over the years running costs have come down for reverse cycle air conditioning system for several reasons. The most important feature would be the introduction of the inverter type system.  I believe every manufacturer is now using this technology in one form or another. Because some of the cheaper units on the market still used fixed speed models which would make running costs more expensive so be aware.

Actron Air is the only brand on the market in that has a feature in its ducted air conditioning range that reduces the fan speed which allows you to run one outlet at a time